Tuesday, 25 March 2008

How to keep computer history after a motherboard was replaced

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Deployment Solution 6.1 all buildsDeployment Solution 6.5 all builds
By changing motherboards the MAC address gets changed, and this will create a new entry in the eXpress database with new history. The old history will not be linked to thecomputer.
Right-click on the new computer. Go to Properties > General tab, and find the ID of the computer per example: ID 50002345; write it down. Find the old computer per example: ID 50002332 and write down the ID.
Delete the new computer from the DS console and don’t let it reconnect.
Open SQL Enterprise Manager and go to the eXpress database.
Once in the eXpress database, highlight Tables and find the NICS table in the right-hand side.
Right-click on the NICS table and open table > return all rows.
Find the ID of the old computer (ID 50002332) and then replace the old MAC address of this computer with the new MAC address of the new computer (ID 50002345) in the mac_addr column then delete the new computer ID from the NICS table.
Save the changes and close Enterprise Manager.
Turn the new computer on and double check that the history of the old MAC address is reflected on the computer with the new MAC.

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