Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Altiris Task clients do not automatically re-assign themselves to the closest or lowest-load task server

Symantec recommends that you run a task to re-assign task clients on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly--depending on how mobile your environment is or how much provisioning you're doing..  A slight modification to this was made in SMP 7.1 where now they will re-check every 24 hours, but this method is not very reliable.  They may also reassign themselves after a delayed time of not being able to connect to their assigned task server..  A simple task to "Reset Task Agent" sent to all clients can keep load balancing fresh, and mobile users assigned appropriately. 

Both the 24 hour re-check and running this task is important to remember when adding new Task Servers, for otherwise, they will not automatically pick up new clients.  Additionally, since the NS is the "fail over" for task agents, so doing this can "pull" clients off the NS.


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