Thursday, 4 December 2008

Altiris Notification Server (NS) reports for Altiris Deployment Server (DS)

Following links will give you some NS reports for DS


Shows a listing of all DS jobs that are currently (actively) deploying. 
Count of all computers with pending DS jobs. Right-click option will list the jobs pending for the selected computer. 
List of scheduled DS jobs that have been scheduled for more than X amount of days, with 30 as the default. 
List of all scheduled DS jobs, but you have the option of entering full/partial computer name and DS Job name to filter your results. The default is a full list of all scheduled DS jobs for all computers. 
Like report #2, but this is for Completed jobs, rather than pending. 
Like report #4, but this is for Completed Jobs, rather than pending.


Report to give you jobs that are scheduled in the future for DS 
Report to find all of your WOL proxies 


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