Monday, 1 December 2008

Altiris : TFTP is slow on download of boot disks or PE


TFTP takes 25 minutes to download, when it should be taking 2–3 minutes max.


Deployment Solution 6.8, 6.9


TFTP Logging under the PXE Configuration Utility is set to All.


For normal use, TFTP logs should be set to Off or On with Errors. If it is not, then TFTP will log all traffic including packet response times and acknowledgements. This will cause slowdowns on TFTP boot disk downloads and WinPE ISO downloads.

To check this, go to the PXE Configuration Utility under Tools > PXE Configuration. Click on the Data Logs tab and either unselect the PXE MTFTP Logs or move the level to errors. Click Save or OK and check your TFTP traffic.

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