Thursday, 22 December 2011

Nice to know: 'Devices' view in Altiris Activity Center still shows a client in the (IsManaged='1') search filter even after uninstalling the Symantec Management Agent (AexNSAgent.exe)

After manually uninstalling the ‘AexNSAgent.exe’ from a discovered and previously manageable client system, the computer is still viewed in the Altiris 'Activity Center' under devices with an 'Installed Agent'
The filter, (IsManaged='1') is used to filter computers and as seen on the attached screenshots, the computers with the AexNSAgent uninstalled are still listed.  However, the icon is not active (grayed out).
Creating a filter set to, (IsActive='1') will NOT show the clients that have had their AexNSAgent.exe files uninstalled.
If the AexNSAgent.exe file is uninstalled from the managed client, an (IsManaged='0') switch should be sent to the Notification Server to indicate it is no longer being managed. This should be reflected in both Altiris Activity Center and First Time Setup.
Known Issue. Altiris Symantec Management Agent (SMA or Altiris Agent) does not send any inventory information while uninstall of the agent itself. Only sub-agents (plug-ins) send the inventory information, using the agent which is still exist.
This is actually a design restriction, since the client-side uninstall could be performed when no NS connection is available. In that case we can't send the inventory neither postpone the uninstall process.

This issue has been reported to the Symantec Development team. They are working in providing a solution for this in a future release.

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